How Many college students does it take to screw in a light bulb?

My typical day at work generally involves social networking, periodically answering a phone call or two and some emails. I am also privileged enough to be labeled a crazy cat lady only because I’m allowed to bring my cat into work with me. Her name is London and she is our office’s unofficial mascot, as I like to call her. She basically has the ideal life, she lounges around all day, eats, get’s her tummy rubbed by multiple strangers, and my boss feeds her crack all day long. What more could any cat ask for?! Here’s a few pictures of my adorable feline and I.


Now back to work:

So, where to begin – I work for a local rental company here in Winona, MN where I receive some of the most hilarious phone calls from tenants regarding maintenance requests. There is generally a wide array of requests but the two I find the most hilarious usually involve toilets, because lets be honest poop is funny and then there’s the light bulb debate.

So now to answer the true question at hand, and the pending debate over just how many college student’s does it truly take to screw in a light bulb? Here’s your answer: In my opinion it takes at least one male, because the majority of callers are female’s.

So, let’s now begin with our lesson of the day – First go out and purchase a light bulb, my advice a pack of four. Secondly, and I hope you’re already aware of this step because it should be common sense, but then again so should screwing in a light bulb…. (I know the anticipation is killing you), what should you do? You should turn off the electricity! Thirdly screw in said light bulb and then flip the switch back on and bravo you now metaphorically lite a bulb in your head and simultaneously put a little more light back into your life.

Once again to bring up the matter of poop, I’d like to call this historical phone call Montezuma’s revenge. On average I receive at least one complaint a week regarding someone’s toilet being clogged, not that it’s a big deal, but the discussion to come afterwards is what make’s me laugh. I always ask the tenants if they know why their toilet is clogged? Mostly because I’m laughing hysterically at them (not out loud of course), but, I’m waiting for one of them to finally admit they clogged the toilet. Where in reality the answer is always the same “no, I don’t know why the toilet won’t flush?” Really, we all know why the toilet won’t flush but we’ll all pretend like there isn’t a giant elephant in the room either. 

I won’t even get started on the 2 a.m. phone calls I receive from some drunk’s who locked themselves out of their apartment, because that just pisses me off. I’ll leave those stories for a latter date.


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