Daddy’s Little Party Animal

The best explanation I can give you is simply by showing you one of my favorite photos of my father and I, especially since a photo can say a thousand words.


I’m not trying to sound cliché’ by any means but my Dad is nothing like yours. Monday-Thursday he is by societies means a professional, but when Thursday night rolls around much like in Winona there are simply “no fucks given”  and everything goes right out the window, along with most of our pride. On a good note – He is the most wonderful father, provides for his family, and is still able to have a great time! And, when I say great time I mean he would be on WSU passouts each weekend much like I once was.


(Chicago can do that to a young woman) Now why is this relevant?

Part of this party animal mentality that has been passed down to me not only by my father but also through generations before me have led me to the bartending profession.  I am not by any means condoning that an individual should be an alcoholic, but to teach their own. The main point I am trying to get at, is that bartending if you can handle idiots for a 10+ hr shift is a great way to pay your way through college.

Since this blog is about the “The Working Girl” i.e. Me! I will share with you some of the wonderful pluses that can be attributed to bartending and some of the gut wrenching worst parts associated with the profession. For me by far the best part is the tips you get to go home with every night.Having cash flow at the end of the night is amazing!

Having dispensable funds at the end of each shift have made me able to be financially independent from my parents aside from Healthcare coverage (because let’s be real I don’t want to pay for that). To me being financially independent and living on my own means a lot. It makes me feel like I have accomplished more than just good grades, that I have been able to successfully take care of myself and that I am actually being an independent adult, slowly but surely of course.

Now to begin on the dawning worse parts of bartending – Where to begin… You have to deal with assholes all the time and still have a smile on your face. You work long hours and extremely late shifts. Some nights I don’t make it home till 2:30 or 3:00 A.M. and somehow still have to make it to class the following morning and then the process repeats itself.

You have to know when to cut drunks off. You risk potential jail time for serving an underage consumer or even worse you risk the lives of others when they choose to drive after you have served them.

For me the absolute worst thing that has happened is that you can get hurt. For example, I was working on a Friday night this past summer and we were relatively busy. I didn’t know the back was being mopped and I ran into the back to bring some dirty dishes back and slipped and fell on the floor slicing my right wrist open. I cut through all the fatty tissue down to part of my muscle. As you can see by the photo’s below it wasn’t a tiny cut.

ouch Photo on 7-29-13 at 1.12 PM #2

I ended up needing eight stitches after an immediate scary rush to the emergency room. This is probably an absolute worst case scenario or at least one of them but it’s nice to be aware of the negativity as well as the positive aspects to any situations.


5 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Party Animal

  1. The picture of you and your Dad is adorable! It seems like he really taught you how to enjoy your life and all the while remain responsible!
    I’m not going to lie, the cut picture…I could have done without! Yeesh!

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