Off the Beaten Path!

This past Friday night I attended the Justin Moore and Randy Houser concert in Mankato, Minn. with my brother Nick.


(Nick and I at the Concert)

He got the tickets for me as a birthday present!

If you’re a country fan like me, you would have loved the concert. The beers were decent priced and there was Buffalo Wild Wings available making any event 10x better.

Randy Houser was by far my favorite performer of the evening. He was lively and very entertaining bringing the crowds to a standing ovation and throwing there drinks in the air in applause.

Justin Moore the headliner of the night was a little of a let down. I was so excited to see him preform, however as you can see from my tweet below I was a little disappointed to say the least,


I also ran into a friend from Winona and a couple people I met from La Crosse a couple weeks ago.


I love Country and I love concerts but nothing compares to WeFest in Detroit Lakes, Minn.


Work is Coming to an End.

For the past eight years, since I was 15 I have had a job. This coming Tuesday, Nov. 26 will be the first time in eight years that I will be officially unemployed and I can’t express how happy I am surprisingly to say, YES, I am unemployed and proud of it!


(My best friend and fellow co-worker at the Golden Frog. I am going to miss working with my best friends.)

I can only proudly say I am happy to be unemployed because I know that my Four years of education have paid off and its now time to put that hard work to good use and find a career.

I am however, very thankful for all the work experience that I have gained throughout my collegiate career ranging from customer service experience, including answering many phone calls, emails and the occasional incorporation of pending legal matters.

Working in a wide array of jobs has helped with my overall composition as an individual. From first starting out as a hostess, to working as a bartender and office secretary for a local rental company, as well as my short spout at Allstate Insurance have all given me a different sense of work ethic and I couldn’t be more happy to be blessed with the choices I’ve made.

Birthday Celebration!

This past four day weekend I celebrated my 23rd Birthday! I’m no longer feeling 22, sorry T-Swift.

blog blog2

I had the opportunity to spend the weekend with my best friends and my family. My cousin Shelby came down from the Twin Cities along with my parents to commemorate this ohhh so very special time of the year, my birthday. (wow, I sound conceded)

blog3 blog4

(The Parentals)

I wouldn’t expect anything less than a classy stay in Winona, right? For those of you that venture across the bridge you know there’s a little ol’ place we like to refer to as the 4 mile. If you haven’t been there before its kind of like the Midway, except worse.

You need to be in the right state of mind to actually find some humor/fun in the situation. Needless to say the nights events took a weird turn and there we were at the 4 mile, family fun at its finest.