A Little About Me!

My name is Alicia Ward, and I am completely new to blogging. This blog is primarily for educational purposes for a PR class I am taking at Winona State University. I will be blogging about my work experiences past and present as I have been working my way through college. I will be discussing how as a college student you can maintain a healthy balance of work, school and still have time to play.

Something I bet you didn’t know.

  • I am 22 years old, and yes I am feeling 22! thanks T-Swift
  • I work as a bartender, a front desk receptionist and I did also work for an insurance company all simultaneously.
  • Dogs > Cat’s – I love both, but you must know I do hate little dogs and I will offend you if you bring one around.
  • This past summer I traveled to New Orleans with my cousin. We made a pact last summer to travel together once a year. Last summer we went to the Black Hills, South Dakota.
  • Knee Boarding is by far my favorite activity.
  • I live alone aside from my feline companion London.
  • I am a Communication Studies (Pre-Law) Major – Minoring in Mass Communications & Political Science.
  • This is my final semester at WSU & yes I am scared for my college bubble to pop.

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