Work is Coming to an End.

For the past eight years, since I was 15 I have had a job. This coming Tuesday, Nov. 26 will be the first time in eight years that I will be officially unemployed and I can’t express how happy I am surprisingly to say, YES, I am unemployed and proud of it!


(My best friend and fellow co-worker at the Golden Frog. I am going to miss working with my best friends.)

I can only proudly say I am happy to be unemployed because I know that my Four years of education have paid off and its now time to put that hard work to good use and find a career.

I am however, very thankful for all the work experience that I have gained throughout my collegiate career ranging from customer service experience, including answering many phone calls, emails and the occasional incorporation of pending legal matters.

Working in a wide array of jobs has helped with my overall composition as an individual. From first starting out as a hostess, to working as a bartender and office secretary for a local rental company, as well as my short spout at Allstate Insurance have all given me a different sense of work ethic and I couldn’t be more happy to be blessed with the choices I’ve made.