Go Pack Go!

This past weekend I got the opportunity to work with six legendary Green Bay Packers Players including, Gilbert Brown, William Henderson, Craig Newsome, Bill Ferrario, Chris Jacke, Frank Winters, and Dave Robinson. Also attending the event was Jim Gantner from the Wisconsin Brewers. I am not personally a Packers fan, Skol Vikings, however I had a great time with the players and I was able to contribute in helping support over 144 charities.


(pictured is Bill Ferrario, Green Bay Packers)


The bar I work at is apart of the Wisconsin Tavern tour where we hold annual fundraisers in support of the Gilbert Brown Foundation. The fundraiser was supported by the tavern tour where all proceeds directly benefited the Foundation. According to promotional materials the Gilbert Brown Foundation’s mission statement, “our mission [is], to serve youth in an environment that promotes structure and life skill awareness by introducing team-building skills and promoting diversity in the community.”

The players were great, they helped bartend… well they tried to help bartend – If anything they were more in the way than helpful but it was funny watching them struggle a little. My favorite player of the night was by far William Henderson. He had a great bubbly personality and was very fun to work with.


(A little blurry – pictured, William Henderson, Green Bay Packers)


Those interested in additional information regarding donations or additional information may contact the Gilbert Brown Foundation at www.gilbertbrownfoundation.org. Donations are accepted at any of the fundraising events or online.


(pictured Chris Jacke, Green Bay Packers)