The Rommate

Its the time of year most college students dread – the time has arrived when you must decide if you’re ready to commit yourself to your friend(s), boyfriend, girlfriend or even your parents for another year.

Signing a lease can be stressful. Not only is it forced upon you right when you feel as if your lease has just begun, but your expected to have deep pockets to cover an extensive amount of your rent including first months rent, a pre-paid last months rent as a well as a security deposit. Not, to mention if you have a pet or two they may require additional funds.

Working for a rental company for two years I have been able to not only experience my own trials and errors with previous rental experiences and having a roommate of my own – but I’ve also had the divine experience to live vicariously through others dreadful encounters, whether I wanted to know of them or not.

I’ve dealt with break-ins, break ups, fights, police calls, drunkenness, and plain stupidity. Working through others terrible times is not what I’d like to call “fun” but it helps pay the bills.

The solution to most of these issues is finding the perfect roommate or roommates. Now as we all know that’s a lot easier said than done. Finding someone or many others that your compatible to live with is a trial and error process that generally does not end well for all parties involved.

The key is to find someone that you can stand for more than a day at a time without wanting to murder or fictionally light on fire with your mind. Find someone who is reliable with paying rent on time and who is willing to compromise with you when issues do present themselves. And, when they do arrive, and they will you will be able to discuss them, and work through them rather than staying behind closed doors metaphorically and literally.


(I was fortunate enough to have a great roommate for two years, my very own B, Brose)

There is no perfect roommate, so don’t let yourself believe you are the exception in any case. No matter the problem, there is always a solution, however you have to be willing to find a solution for things to be able to resolve themselves.