Life Comes in Stages of Four.

Life as I know it is about to change and I am both terrified and excited, I won’t lie. All I have ever known is being a student. My life revolves around being a student, my full time profession is being a student.

We start off young and eager, so happy to learn and thrive until our world of education comes to an end and we must finally choose our path into the world.

All I have ever known is a world in increments of four. My four years of education in Middle School, my four years of education in High School, followed by my four (well four and a half…. shhhh) years of Undergrad. My cycle of life revolves around an evolution of four.

Do I continue on with my education and further my career of being a student or do I make the choice to try, to try and finally become what society says is suppose to feel like you’re truly becoming an adult?


(Time elapses, increments of four and there will be more)

The truth is I am scared but I should be scared, being scared means there is hope. I can see my life is changing but inside I still want those days where I forget how old I am becoming, and how much expectations there are. I want to go back sometimes and be that little girl who loved watching Scooby Doo and riding her Barbie jeep with her best friend in the whole world.


(My little sister and I )

Life is changing for the better and I choose my path. I chose to be a student and now I am choosing to be an adult.


Pedal Pub

Every once in a while you need to take a break from your everyday stressful routine of work and school and make plans with people you love and care about. These past two weekends I’ve had the opportunity to take off of work and to visit my baby sister in her first year as a freshman at St. Cloud University.


(My sister and I in St. Cloud, MN)

The following weekend, I went home to Minneapolis to go out on a pedal pub with my best friends from high school. For those of you who don’t know what a pedal pub is, its essentially a very large bicycle that holds between 16 to 20 people. There is a driver designated from the pedal pub company and we the customers choose from amongst ourselves who is going to be the bartender in the middle of the pub. Their job is to pass out our beers and then everyone else has the divine duty to pedal.

Image  Image

There were 16 of us on the pedal pub, 17 including the driver. We pedaled through downtown Minneapolis to many bars between a two hour period. Now two hours may not sound like a lot but when you’re slamming down beers and hustling to carry not only your own body weight but the weight of 16 others plus the pub its a little difficult.

If you haven’t been on a pedal pub before I strongly encourage you to find a good group of friends and sign up for one. Its something I know you won’t regret, its different and it puts a new spin on the traditional bar hopping.