(A little random fun) As many of you may have noticed there once was a trend known as planking! People would plank on just about anything they could climb on – trees, tables, other people, etc.

So, my best friend and I have decided to start our own new trend that we refer to as “snailing.” You basically look like a dead body laying on the ground but for whatever the reason we find this very amusing and humorous. As you can see below we have snailed in various places of our choosing, which generally involve bars.

snail   snail2

This past weekend we’ve snailed at the Detour, the Golden Frog Saloon, and Cheaters Bar & Lounge just to name a few.

The best part of snailing is others reaction to what you’re doing. We have asked many strangers along with customers while we’re working to participate in our snail fest. They generally will oblige for the most part and be happy to participate.

Most people’s interpretation of our weirdness is associated with a response similar to this, “you want me to do what?” “I want you to snail with me” and then its generally followed by a good chuckle or two.


Above, we have my best friend snailing away with a customer we just met at work on our legendary frog bench. The man who decided to join in on our fun personally thought it was very odd but he still seemed to enjoy himself. His friends seemed to find it even more amusing than we did, and I’m sure they also think we’re a little crazy but who cares as long as you’re enjoying yourself and having a good time!

So I invite you to take my challenge, be wild and spontaneous, maybe even break out in your own version of the snail, and go snail the streets of Winona!