Go Pack Go!

This past weekend I got the opportunity to work with six legendary Green Bay Packers Players including, Gilbert Brown, William Henderson, Craig Newsome, Bill Ferrario, Chris Jacke, Frank Winters, and Dave Robinson. Also attending the event was Jim Gantner from the Wisconsin Brewers. I am not personally a Packers fan, Skol Vikings, however I had a great time with the players and I was able to contribute in helping support over 144 charities.


(pictured is Bill Ferrario, Green Bay Packers)


The bar I work at is apart of the Wisconsin Tavern tour where we hold annual fundraisers in support of the Gilbert Brown Foundation. The fundraiser was supported by the tavern tour where all proceeds directly benefited the Foundation. According to promotional materials the Gilbert Brown Foundation’s mission statement, “our mission [is], to serve youth in an environment that promotes structure and life skill awareness by introducing team-building skills and promoting diversity in the community.”

The players were great, they helped bartend… well they tried to help bartend – If anything they were more in the way than helpful but it was funny watching them struggle a little. My favorite player of the night was by far William Henderson. He had a great bubbly personality and was very fun to work with.


(A little blurry – pictured, William Henderson, Green Bay Packers)


Those interested in additional information regarding donations or additional information may contact the Gilbert Brown Foundation at www.gilbertbrownfoundation.org. Donations are accepted at any of the fundraising events or online.


(pictured Chris Jacke, Green Bay Packers)



Good Cop v. Bad Cop

Working at any job there are certain aspects to the profession one does or does not like. There may also be co-workers and customers/clients that one deals with that you either love like an adorable grandfather or despise more than the evil wicked witch of the west.

In most scenarios that play out at the bar I absolutely love and adore my co-workers. One of which has become one of my very best friends, and then there’s those who you can’t stand even for an eighth of a second.

But, lets not dwell on the negativity of the witch.

Some of my favorite customers are a group of police officers from Milwaukee, WI and trust me they know how to hang with the best of them. My very first encounter with them was over an ease dropping conversation. I overheard one of them laughing and joking about how all police officers were assholes and that they’re a bunch of pigs, and crooked cops.

Now this situation is prior to my knowledge of them all being police officers so I immediately had to chime in.

Let me be clear, there are defiantly times when my mouth gets me into a lot more trouble than it should. I speak my mind quit frequently, so I didn’t assume anything ill should come of me agreeing that police officers are a bunch of assholes, and they always seem to want to kick a man when he’s down.

Little did I know what I was getting myself into…

Of course, they all undoubtedly starred at me like I was this evil little girl. I stood there for what felt like an eternity waiting for a response, and when I received no reply back I replied, “I’m just waiting for one of you to say you’re a cop”.

They all immediately started laughing and then horrifically notified me that they’re all police offices. They then started drilling me on why I don’t like cops; meanwhile, I tried to avoid the subject by talking about firemen. Please don’t ask me why I thought that was the best route.

That obviously made the conversation more awkward. Now every time they come to visit me at work, which is about every other weekend, they remind me of how much I hate cops and how sexy I think Firemen are!

A unique friendship grew out of an awkward moment, but those awkward moments are what continue to make my job new and exciting.